POST is a text-based platform, hosting the words, notes and reflections of artists and members of the creative community, to form a collaborative narrative.

The project started on the 19th April 2020, titled ‘Notes from lockdown’. It has since continued to grow, with 45 creatives contributing 156 posts to date. The archived feed ‘Notes from lockdown’ can be read here

Each month, the POST platform refreshes and hosts a different live feed with a new title. Currently accepting submissions is ‘A new canon’. Titles are given as a loose seed for thought, and are open to your interpretation.

The latest form of the current feed can be found on the POST homepage here.

How to get involved

Contributors are invited to share words of any subject matter: a sound you hadn’t noticed before, a phrase you keep repeating, something you’ve rearranged. . .

To submit to ‘POST’, please send an email with your text to This will then be published in the next scheduled update of the feed.


We are adapting and finding ways to stay connected, communicate and create at a time when the future of the arts is concerning. This project is for those who may be looking for: a process of noting and documenting how their everyday is changing / an additional or replacement form of creativity to social channels / connection to a wider community / an alternative activity to add to their routine / participation in a creative project without pressure and overexertion / an outlet for creative expression.

The fine print

As a platform, POST is run as a safe space and endeavours to champion inclusivity and anti-racism at every opportunity. All posts are moderated. Please consider before sending whether your submission is in line with these values.

There is no word count limit for entries. You can submit as many entries as you wish during the course of the project. Please note, by sending your submission, you give permission for this to be published on POST. Submissions are kept strictly anonymous. You may be contacted with updates about the project, and you can request to be unsubscribed from the project mailing list at any time.

Get in touch

POST is curated by Lucy Sharpe (@lucy_h_sharpe). To keep the platform evolving, thoughts and feedback on the project are always welcome. Get in touch via email at

POST is a web platform primarily. Whilst we don’t have a social media profile, tag us on #postproject and we can stay connected.

Thank you

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